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Selling Your Items

Tango Yankee, LLC is a fully licensed (Federal Firearms License & Auctioneer License), insured and bonded consignment sales company specializing in internet sales of firearms, militaria and shooting sports related items. We’re able to get our consignors more money than live auction houses, dealers or private sales can though our unique and original marketing method. We’re experts in researching, identifying, cleaning, photographing and cataloging firearms, military, hunting, fishing and shooting sports items for presentation to the markets that are willing to pay the most for them. As proof; far more often than not we get considerably more than book value. This is on a commission basis so there is no risk or outlay of funds by you and we handle all the details such as: transport, cleaning, photography, research, writing, public contact, invoicing, packing, shipping and applicable legalities. Click HERE for a published article I wrote that compares the various ways in which one can sell their firearms. It details the pros and cons of each including legal aspects and relative rates of return.

Here are some examples of items we’ve handled for our clients:


Our client bought this Winchester 94 AE in 45 Colt for $300 at a live auction house and was quite happy when we sold it for $1,030 a year later.


This came back from WWII and sat in a basement getting moldy. Our client wanted to throw it out. Tango Yankee presented it to the right market where it brought $305.00.


Our client bought this Colt 3 digit serial numbered SP1 at a live auction house for about $1200 and was more than a little pleased when we sold it for $5,725.


This old holster was under foot for decades and about to be discarded when we arrived. It sold for $210.10.


This S&W Model 24 sat in a gun shop display case with an $800 price tag for a month without moving. It’s presentation to the largest market possible and sold it for $2,300.


Our client’s dad was a flier in WWII and wore this during the war. It sat in the attic for over 60 years. It went for $227.50


This Venezuelan M24/30 Mauser was bought for just under $500 at a live auction house. We sold for 1,304.74


When the owner of this Le Francais pistol ran into financial problems a few months after buying it at a live auction house and figured he’d have to “take a bath” on it because he had paid top dollar. He paid $431. We sold it for $655 – a nice surprise for him.


He didn’t know where this came from or how long he had it but was sure he didn’t want us to waste our time on it but we insisted. Cleaned and identified as an 1853 Enfield Sergeants’ tool a buyer was happy to pay $720.99 (our client was happy too).


This leather WWII dated sling was thought to be for a Garand or Springfield by its owner who didn’t think we could get much for it. We identified it as a WWII BAR sling and it was put it in front of the right people who paid $520.00.


The owner of this Gwinn Arms Company Bushmaster armpistol thought he’d be lucky to get “book” for it (about $400). After we described the unusual history of this firearm it found a buyer at $871.

The owner of this old broken wooden shell box wasn’t sure what it was or where it came from. Presented to the right market it brought $113.49.


The lady who had this said her kids used to “play army” with it decades ago. Her first impulse after stumbling across it was to throw it out but fortunately she asked us to help her sell it – it brought. $76.00..


When she was cleaning out her late husband’s closet our client found this lighter that she had banished from sight decades before. It sold for 69.98.


This old Colt box sat on a high storage shelf collecting dust for decades. We cleaned it; presented it for sale to the right market and brought in $835.


This old box of ammo was found in a cigar box full of old junk. It sold for $77.00.


Our customer found this bottle of dry fly treatment in her father’s old fishing gear and thought it might be of interest to someone. It was - $104.00.


This old gun cleaning kit was among our clients’ grandfathers’ things that were being cleaned out of the attic. She gave it to us on a lark – it flew for $179.00.


The grand daughter of the man who wore these badges had no use for them and asked that we get any thing we could for them. We got $1,776.00 for them.

While you know firearms are valuable, chances are you have other valuable items that would bring good money if identified properly and presented skillfully to the right market. Old military items; fishing, hunting or shooting items, some things that you might not even remember where they came from. That’s where Tango Yankee comes in. We’ll assist you in identification, cleaning, research, photography, description writing and finding the largest market possible for your property. Skillful internet presentation with a sound reputation for accuracy and integrity will sell your items for prices you might not believe. We look forward to hearing from you.