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Name This Rifle ScopeName This Rifle Scope - Vintage Rifle Scope With External Adjustable Micrometer Target Mounts

Remington XR-100 223 Rem Varmint Vaporizer

Glock 41 GEN 4 Pistol 45 ACP In Box + Mags & Access

WWII Nazi Marked RADOM VIS Mod 35 Pistol 9mm

Thompson Center ICON 308 Win Sub MOA Rifle In Box

Sig 239 Auto Pistol 40 S&W Black Nitron LNIB

Litschert SPOT-SHOT 12X AO Target / Varmint Scope

Charles Daly Venture 12 Ga O/U Shotgun 26 VR

Smith & Wesson M 17-2 K-22 Masterpiece 22 LR 1965

Ruger Redhawk Stainless 7-1/2 44 Mag Revolver

Harrington & Richardson 865 Plainsman 22 Repeater

SOCOM Manufacturing Diamond BR-15-A6S AR 223 Rem.

Winchester 70 XTR Sporter Magnum 338 Win Mag - Ported

Ruger 10/22 Finger Groove Sporter Deluxe 22LR 1968 Like New

Winchester Model 70 XTR Sporter 300 Weatherby Mag

Mauser ES-350 Championship Patrone 22 LR Excellent ES-350B Made 1937-8 Target Rifle

Savage 99 Lever Action Rifle 300 Savage 1951

L.C. Smith Hunter Arms O Grade 12 Ga Shotgun LC

Smith & Wesson K-38 Combat Masterpiece 38 Spl 1949 1st Year 99% Original Finish + Sterling & Gold Grips

Walther PP 7.65 Nazi Pistol Made 1940 With Holster

Colt Vest Pocket 1908 Hammerless 25 ACP Made 1914 With Original & Period Stag Grips 98% Original Finish

Colt Officers Model Target Heavy Barrel 3rd Issue 38 Special Made 1937

Heckler & Koch HK-91 308 Win PSG-1 Butt Stock 1979 HK Bipod, ARMS SWAN G-3 Mount & 6-24X42 Scope

JLD Enterprises PTR-91 Rifle 308 Win W/ Teles Butt

Ruger SR40 40 S&W Hi-Cap Stainless Auto 2013

Action Arms IMI Galil M329 308 Win Rifle Pre Ban

Winchester 1300 Rifled Barrel Deer Slug 12 Ga

Russian SKS 7.62X39 Made 1951 All Matching Tula

Springfield Armory M1-A Squad Rifle Loaded 308 Win

CZ Sharp Tail 12 Ga SXS Shotgun New Sharptail

Armscorp USA US Rifle 7.62mm M14 NM National Match

Winchester XPR Advanced Bolt Rifle 7mm-08 Rem New

Savage Model 220 20 Ga Rifled Stainless Slug Gun

Savage Mark II FSS 22 LR Stainless Steel Rifle NEW

Franchi Mod 48 AL Shotgun 12 Ga 26 VR 2-3/4 1968

Mossberg Patriot 22-250 Rem + Sight Mark COREhx

Carcano T.S. M38 Carbine 6.5X52 Matching No Marks

Hammond Single Shot Pistol 40 Cal Smooth Bore Connecticut Arms & Manufacturing Co.

Hammond Single Shot Pistol Carbine 32 Long RF With Shoulder Stock Connecticut Arms & Manufacturing Co.

SAKO L579 Custom 243 Win Rifle Yankee Gun Smithing

Japanese Type 99 Arisaka Last Ditch 7.7 Rifle

Bayonets German French US British Polish Russian Belgium Italy Soviet Nazi & More

M1950 Morocco FN Mauser 30-06 3 Digit # Matching

Swedish M1914 Bayonet For M94/14 Carbine + Scabbard

Iranian Persian Mauser Bayonet & Scab Excellent

Swedish Mauser M1894-14 Carbine 6.5X55 1916 94/14 All Matching, No Import Marks, Excellent Bore

Winchester 94AE SRC Trapper Carbine 357 Mag Like New

Savage 1899 EG 300 Sav. Lever Action Rifle C1950

Winchester 94AE SRC Trapper Carbine 44 Rem Mag LN

Springfield Armory 1903 Rifle 30-06 1910 1916

Ruger Mini-14 Folding Stock Rifle 223 Rem 1978

Ruger New Model Single Six Convertible 22 LR & Mag

Colt New Service 38 WCF Revolver 38-40 Made 1905

Remington Model 11 Semi Auto 12 Ga Shotgun A5

Taurus PT-917 CS Compact 9mm LNIB Not Beretta

Winchester Centennial 66 Rifle 30-30 New In Box

Beretta Silver Hawk 426 16 Ga Shotgun Made 1970

Winchester Centennial 66 Rifle 30-30 New In Box

Soviet Russian Mosin 1891/30 Tula 1939 Matching

Remington 11-48 Shotgun 12 Ga 1952 + Extra Barrel

Beretta Silver Hawk 409 12 Ga Shotgun 1961 + Chokes

Winchester Centennial 66 Rifle 30-30 New In Box

Lefever Side Plate 12 Ga SXS Shotgun 1894 Antique

Winchester Illinois Sesquicentennial 94 Carbine

Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle Single Shot BAO 223 Rem British Bolt Action Only Straight Pull In Box RARE!

L&T The Little Enfield Percussion .40 Cadet RifleL&T The Little Enfield Percussion .40 Cadet Rifle

LC Smith Hunter Arms Crown Grade 12 Ga 26” IC & MOD, Ejectors, Single Trigger, Wadsworth - Release Made 1924LC Smith Hunter Arms Crown Grade 12 Ga 26 IC & MOD, Ejectors, Single Trigger, Wadsworth - Release Made 1924

L.C. Smith / Hunter Arms O Grade 20 Ga Ejector GunL.C. Smith / Hunter Arms O Grade 20 Ga Ejector Gun