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Name This Rifle ScopeName This Rifle Scope - Vintage Rifle Scope With External Adjustable Micrometer Target Mounts

Sharps 4 Barrel Pepperbox Derringer Model 4A 32 Cal Sharp & Hankins

Sharps 4 Barrel Pepperbox 22 Derringer 1859 Type 1C, 1D or 1E

Colt 1849 Pocket Pistol C1858 All Matching 4 BBL

Winchester Model 70 30-06 Made 1950 Pre 64 Almost Like New

Yugoslavian PAP M59/66 SKS Made 1970 All Matching New Unfired Perfect Yugo

Winchester 1894 Rifle 30 WCF Made 1898 Antique With Tang Sight 30-30

Federal Laboratories 201-Z Tear Gas Riot Gun 1.5 With Inclinometer Sight

Czech SA Vz 58 7.62X39 Rifle Like New With 30 & 10 Rd Mags VZ58 Not AK47

Kimber Royal II 45 ACP 1911 Pistol W/ Charcoal Blue & Bone Grips New In Box

Colt Python 357 Mag Revolver 4 Like New In Box 1985

Weatherby Mark V Deluxe 300 Wby Mag Rifle + Factory Scope 1990 NIB

Japanese Wakizashi Samurai Sword Not Katana Or Tanto

Kimber of Oregon Model 89 BGR 300 Win Mag Deluxe W/ Extra 338 Win Mag BBL

Remington 1863 ZOUAVE U.S. Contract Civil War 58 Cal Rifle Excellent Cond.

Mitchell Arms Yugo AK47 8X54R Counter Sniper Rifle M76 New In Box + Accessories

Remington 1100 SD Custom Shop D Grade Tournament Skeet 12 Ga Shotgun 3 Barrel Set W/ Skeet, Trap & Slug Barrels

German Nazi WWII EF64 Emaillerwerke M42 (M35) Single Decal Helmet

Ohio Ordnance VZ 2000 American Made Czech VZ58 7.62X39 Rifle + Accessories - Like New

KEL TEK CMR 30 22 Mag Carbine New In Box And Consecutive Serial Available

Winchester Model 1200 US Military 12 Ga Vietnam Jungle Combat Shotgun

Weatherby MK V Laser Mark 300 Wby Mag With Factory Weatherby Supreme 3-9X44 Scope New In Box NIB

High Standard Supermatic Trophy SH Series 22 Target Pistol Made 1984

Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Co. RBL Reserve 12 Ga Shotgun LNIB

Remington 870 TACTICAL Synthetic 12 Ga Mag Pump Shotgun

German Nazi dot 42 G33/40 Mauser Mountain Carbine BRNO 8mm Not 98k

Ruger Security 9 Semi Auto 9X19mm Pistol LNIB SKU 03810

Smith & Wesson K-22 Masterpiece 22 LR Made 1948

Browning Auto Rifle 22 LR Wheel Sight Made 1959

Colt Ace 22 LR British Proofed Made 1933 + Ex Mag

Winchester 1894 Rifle Mag & Round 30-30 1905

Winchester 1886 38-56 WCF Antique Made 1897

Colt SAA Las Vegas Show Gun ROAR1 New In Oak Case Ivory Grips Gold Inlays Gwinnell Engraved Lettered

Scarce Winchester Model 97 Commercial Trench Gun Brass Butt Plate 1942 + M1895 Winchester Russian Bayonet

Smith & Wesson K32 Hand Ejector 32 S&W Long 1955 Pre Model 16 Excellent! K-32

H. Koon Omega III 270 Win Rifle New In Case Original Flower Mound NIB Unfired Perfect - Very Rare - Not Hi-Shear

L&T The Little Enfield Percussion .40 Cadet RifleL&T The Little Enfield Percussion .40 Cadet Rifle

LC Smith Hunter Arms Crown Grade 12 Ga 26” IC & MOD, Ejectors, Single Trigger, Wadsworth - Release Made 1924LC Smith Hunter Arms Crown Grade 12 Ga 26 IC & MOD, Ejectors, Single Trigger, Wadsworth - Release Made 1924