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Thompson Center Contender 223 Rem Super 14 Super Accurate T/C

I bought this new in the late 1990’s and was determined to come up with hand loads that would approximate the ballistics and terminal performance of the 218 BEE. Using light bullets of 40 to 52 grains it was easy to accelerate them quickly with only moderate pressures and recoil. From sand bags at 100 yards sub minute groups were normal and many sub half minute groups were achieved. With it, it took no time at all to eliminate the whistle pig population in my area so I put it in the safe and forgot about it. Now, after languishing in there for decades, I thought it was time for it to be put to use by the worthy. It features a T/C Super-14 barrel with Leupold base and 1” rings, 3-way hammer, adjustable trigger and walnut stocks with sling swivels. The original hardware is included if the sling swivels are not desired (though the sling is much easier for carrying than cumbersome and expensive holsters). The front sight holes have filler screws. It retains about 99% original metal finish while the bore has strong, sharp rifling and is bright and shiny except for a small micro pitted area at 6 o’clock at the midpoint. (It doesn’t seem to effect accuracy any.) The stocks retain nearly as much finish as the metal with some slight loss at the lower left edge of the forend and only a few small handling marks. The action works perfectly and lock-up is vault-like. A low mileage classic in traffic condition. If you have questions please email us at This is currently listed for auction on Gun Broker. Please go to the top of the page and click on the Gun Broker button to see all our listings there. 09-10-21A—21-27-01