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Larry Racine Savage 308 Palma Long Range Rifle LPR 12BVSS-S Brand New 2800

This rifle started out as a new Savage 12BVSS-S rifle and was rebuilt by master gunsmith and former Palma team member Larry Racine into a long range rifle for Palma competition at 800-1000 yards (the right side of the barrel is marked “PALMA”). Starting with a new Savage single shot 12BVSS-S (perhaps the most inherently accurate factory action ever made) the action was squared, the lugs were lapped and the bolt face was squared. The action was bedded using Bisonite and steel pillars, the trigger was honed to a sharp let-off, an adjustable cheek piece was installed as was an accessory rail in the forend and vent holes were added under the barrel to improve cooling. A Krieger 1/13 twist 30" Palma barrel was used. The bore is .3075” x .298” which is optimal for 155 grain Sierra Palma bullets. Both muzzle and receiver have been prepared for accepting iron sights (muzzle turned to .750” and the receiver drilled and tapped for receiver sights). The brilliance of this system becomes apparent in its superb internal and external ballistics. The rifling profile coupled with the small bearing surface of the 155 grain A-MAX bullet as well as its very high ballistic coefficient of .475 (G1) allows higher velocity without excessive pressure – in fact at 1000 yards it will be going faster than a 300 Win Mag and with way less recoil. Larry was a tool & die maker for 25 years, a master gunsmith for 40 years and is a two time member of the US Palma team, holder of NRA High Master classifications in three rifle disciplines, five-time NH State High Power Rifle Champion and too many more national and international accolades to mention here. His depth of knowledge in the details of rifle accuracy and his flawless execution can be matched by only a few. He made this for me five years ago and it looks like I’m not going to get around to using it in various kinds of long-range competition as I intended. So here it is, brand new, as delivered from Larry with factory papers and trigger adjusting tool, large hand screw for cheek piece (can be changed out with the smaller one that’s installed if desired) and the Krieger barrel stub end showing its specs (the other side has my name, the date [3-15] and the serial number). An incredibly accurate long range rifle that is brand new, exactly as delivered and ready to reach way out there and put it where you want it. If you have questions please email us at This will listed for auction the evening of 6/29 on Gun Broker. Please go to the top of the page and click on the Gun Broker button to see all our listings there. 06-25-21A—TBD