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Jeffery Safari Magazine Rifle .333 Nitro Express Bury St. London Mauser

This classic Jeffery Safari Rifle bears the Bury Street address indicating manufacture between 1914 and 1927, seems to be in original, unaltered condition and is believed to have once belonged to Gary Cooper (more on that later). It features a 24” barrel with ivory bead front sight, 3 leaf express sight (1,2 & 300 yards – all with platinum center lines) on a 1/3 barrel rib, square bridge Mauser action, stippled panels on receiver ring and bridge, jeweled bolt body, hinged floor plate with inside guard release and checkered walnut stock with horn tip and grip cap, hook & eye sling swivels and checkered steel butt plate with pull-through trap. All serial numbers match (all metal is matched to Mauser SN on bottom of action [81092] and stock serial matches the Jeffery serial number on the top of the barrel [28155]). Condition is superb except for some unfortunate safe-queen marks near the toe. It retains 99% blue while the bore slightly frosted with good, strong rifling and the stock is completely sound and free of marks but for the afore noted marks near the toe (one a deep gouge). We think this was expertly refinished at some point though there is little obvious evidence to confirm it. There is a adhesive label on the stock imprinted “GARY COOPER” which was put there by a man that claimed to have bought the rifle from Gary Cooper’s estate and had a letter from Cooper’s lawyer confirming that fact. He passed away and during the process of clearing out his house, the letter was lost (this according to his son). We’ve been in contact with Cooper’s daughter who was very gracious but said there were no records with good descriptions (much less serial numbers) of her father’s guns. So, at this point it’s strictly hearsay though with further research, who knows? If you have questions please email us at This will listed for auction the evening of 4/26 on Gun Broker. Please go to the top of the page and click on the Gun Broker button to see all our listings there. 04-20-21A—18-66-07