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Colt AR-15 Sporter 223 Rem SP1 Pre-Ban Made 1974 Excellent Condition

This Colt AR15 SP1 Sporter bears a serial number of SP41225 which puts its production date in 1974. It features a 20 barrel, bayonet lug, triangular handguards, A1 sights, no shell deflector, no magazine release fence and no dopy forward assist. It retains about 99% original finish with a few light scratches here and there while the bore is a perfect mirror with strong, sharp rifling in fact we inspected it with a Hawkeye bore scope and found the circumferential tool marks still evident on the rifling leads which indicates little use. The stocks are completely sound and unblemished and internally, all indications are that it has seen little use. From the days of disco and bell bottoms comes at least some evidence that not everyone was stupid. If you have questions please email us at This is listed for auction right now on Gun Broker. Please go to the top of the page and click on the Gun Broker button to see all our listings there. 02-20-21A21-12-09