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German 98 Mauser Between Wars 8mm Conversion A Classic With A Tale

This sporter was probably made between the world wars using an 1898 military Mauser as the basis. It has no markings on the exposed receiver side or ring and 7.9 on the 24 barrel adjacent to the receiver and S about an inch in front of that. A drift adjustable rear notch and a nickel-sliver front post sit on steel bases. The bolt handle has been bent down, flattened and checkered. The trigger is single stage and quite good (perhaps adjustable). The stock is configured in the classic German manner for the period with Schnabel forend, cheek piece, fine double bordered checkering, steel grip cap and horn butt plate. The cross bolt recesses, sling cut and butt plate tang recess have been filled and the cheek piece and bottom portion of the butt (toe line) were skillfully added (the toe line material was added to facilitate forming the pistol grip). A swivel has been added to the barrel and is joined to its mate on the butt by an adjustable leather sling. Considering the very fine checkering on the stock its confusing to note the relatively crude checkering on the bolt knob suggesting that it might have been done later. We didnt pull this from the stock and suspect that the underside of the receiver will answer many questions. Made by someone trying to put bread on the table during those lean years of the Weimer Republic; it retains about 60% blue with generalized loss and a deep scrape on the barrel about 8 from the muzzle while the bore is evenly frosted with good, strong rifling and the stock is completely sound with scattered handling marks. Its unusual to find these in unaltered condition; that is: without scope bases, five dollar receiver sights and other pollutants added. It is a real piece of history and tells a story. If you have questions please email us at This will be listed for auction on Gun Broker the evening of September 7th. Please go to the top of the page and click on the Gun Broker button to see all our listings there. 09-04-20A20-53-10