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Moorís Patent Fire Arms Co 32 Teat Fire Revolver

Manufactured from 1864 to 1870 it was designed to get around the Rollin White patent owned by Horace Smith and Daniel Wesson. A tapered protrusion from the rear of the cartridge (teat) contained the priming mixture was exposed to the hammer blow which initiated ignition. The cartridges were loaded from the front of the cylinder after the loading gate had been swiveled out of the way. It features a 3-1/4Ē round barrel with nickel silver front sight, V-notched hammer, unfluted 6 shot cylinder, scroll engraved brass frame and birdís head grip with rosewood panels. The cylinder is marked "D.WILLIAMSON'S PATENT JANUARY 5, 1864" and the top of the barrel is marked "MOORE'S PAT. FIREARMS CO. BROOKLYN, N.Y." all ferrous materials are a nicely uniform brown and gray patina while the bore is in remarkable shape for one of these arms with some spotty rust with no pitting and grades at Antique Excellent and the grips are completely sound with not cracks or chips. The hammer spring is broken or absent and the cylinder does not advance when the hammer is pulled back. An interesting firearm that, like many others, was designed to circumvent otherís patents and take a piece of the huge firearms demand as we expanded west in force. If you have questions please email us at This will be listed for auction on Gun Broker the evening of July 15th. Please go to the top of the page and click on the Gun Broker button to see all our listings there. 07-10-19A--19-24-19