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Hammond Single Shot Pistol 40 Cal Smooth Bore Connecticut Arms & Manufacturing Co.

This is one of the very scarce Hammond single shot pistols that fill an unusual niche in firearms design and manufacture. The Hammond brothers went through some trials and tribulations getting into business and in spite of having a very well designed and made product, they had to close their doors in 1890. Known mostly for the powerful short barreled version called the Bulldog, the carbine versions such as this one are much more difficult to find especially in calibers other than 44. It features a 16 smooth bore barrel measuring 0.39 at the muzzle and taking a center fire cartridge with a rim diameter of about 0.6, base diameter of 0.485 and length of about 2 as near as we can tell. There is a brass bead front sight, unique pivoting breech system and checkered hard rubber grips. Metal finish is a pleasant gray and brown patina blend while the bore is very mildly pitted and the grips are completely sound with no cracks or chips though there is wear from the detachable butt stock which is no longer present. The action works properly (bring to full cock, press button and rotate to the left) with the extractor pushing out and then snapping back into position as it should (pretty cool) and the hammer holds firmly at full cock but not at half cock. The breech block retains about 85% original blue. A really neat addition to any firearms collection and sure to generate interest of both the intellectual and the monitory kind. If you have questions please email us at This will be listed for auction on Gun Broker the evening of March 25th. Please go to the top of the page and click on the Gun Broker button to see all our listings there. 03-05-19A--19-09-35