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Russian Cossack Shashqua Saber & Bayonet + Scab M1891

This Russian Cossack Shashqua Saber with Scabbard & M-1891 Mosin bayonet was issued to the elite Cossack cavalry by the Soviets in 1931 whose only change to the highly traditional and effective weapon (it dates back to the 12th Century with the Russian and Ukrainian Cossacks) was to add the hammer and sickle to the pommel and ricasso. The extremely effective saber features a 32” Fullered blade (Fullered to 25-1/2”) with a 5-1/2” slightly curved grip with spiral grooved wood grip between substantial brass bolster and deeply hooked pommel. The pommel engraving is “C. C. C. P.” straddling a star over a hammer & sickle with floral embellishments on either side on a bordered dotted background. It rests in a leather bound wood sheath with heavy brass fittings two of which hold an 1891 Mosin Nagant bayonet. As all things are from that region of the world; it is a unique blend of east and west with a flavor all its own. The blade is 90% bright and shiny with original polish lines and 10% consisting mostly of black staining mostly near the tip and a little rust spotting here and there while the wood grip is sound and has only a few moderate handling marks and the pommel is slightly loose which we would take care of but we don’t have the slotted spanner of the right size and we’re not going to make one. The scabbard is sound with a patch of leather worn off from the rider’s leg and a slit in the stitching on the top for about five inches above the brass drag. The leather is cracked but sound and has what appear to be wounds sustained in battle, which, given the period it was issued in, is highly likely. Too cool not to own. If you have questions please email us at This will be listed for auction on Gun Broker the evening of March 4th. Please go to the top of the page and click on the Gun Broker button to see all our listings there. 02-25-19A--19-09-37a