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Enfield No 2 Mk1* British 38 Revolver 1941 WWII

This is one of the excellent British Enfield No 2 Mk1* revolvers chambered in 38-200 that Great Britain used in WWII and afterwards along with a huge list of countries such as: Australia, Botswana, Canada, Gambia, Israel, Lesotho, Libya, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka and New Zealand. (Whew!) It has an excellent (light) double action trigger pull that allows rapid fire to be delivered very effectively at ranges appropriate for pistol combat and saved many Subalterns’ lives. It features a 5” barrel, auto ejecting break action, DA, six shot cylinder, wood grips, grooved back strap and lanyard ring. It retains about 68% original finish with fading to gray patina and scattered oxidation spotting while the bore is 95% smooth and shiny with good strong rifling and 5% scattered very light, tiny pitting and the grips are completely sound with all the dings and bruises one gains by fighting ones way through God knows what. The serial number (M8054) frame, barrel and cylinder along with other markings including a combined D and E on the rear of the cylinder beside a broad arrow with two small circles both there and on the bottom of the grip panels (see photo). (We’ve not seen this version of the broad arrow and would appreciate knowing about it if you please.) The action works perfectly and frame lock-up is very tight with only the very slightest movement while cylinder lock-up has inconsequential lateral movement. A really decent fellow well worth getting to know! Right-O! If you have questions please email us at This will be listed for auction on Gun Broker the evening of February 25th. Please go to the top of the page and click on the Gun Broker button to see all our listings there. 02-21-19A--19-09-38