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Alpine M1 Carbine MMJ 5.7 Spitfire 22 Johnson With Dies And Brass

This is one of the very scarce Alpine M1 Carbines chambered for the impressive MMJ 5.7 - also known as the 22 Spitfire, 5.7 Spitfire, and 22 Johnson. The cartridge is a 30 Carbine case necked down to accept .224 bullets rendering the little cartridge much more useful than the original carbine chambering. It feeds flawlessly from standard carbine magazines. It comes with Lyman factory dies, 82 pieces of 5.7 Spitfire brass, and were told that hand loads can be developed to attain velocities around 3000 FPS which, as opposed to the 30 Carbine cartridge, makes the great little carbine quite useful for game and varmints up to and including yodel dogs. The cartridge and modified carbine was developed by Col. Melvin Johnson, the inventor of the M1941 Johnson rifle, the Johnson Light Machine Gun (used by the Marines in WWII) and the M1947 Johnson auto carbine. While at Winchester, Johnson was employed alongside "Carbine" Williams. He was appointed as weapons consultant to the Secretary of Defense and his patents were used by Armalite on the AR-10, AR-15, and M16 rifles. This example features an 18 barrel with steel ramped bead front sight, Williams adjustable rear sight, steel ventilated hand guard, a mix of commercial and GI parts in the action and a M2 satin finished pot belly stock with checkered composite butt plate. Its in excellent condition retaining a strong 98% original blue with almost all the loss on the bolt body while the bore is perfect; bright, smooth and shiny with strong, sharp rifling. In fact; we used a Hawkeye bore scope and found the microscopic circumferential tool marks completely undisturbed at the throat and on the rifling leads indicating very, very little use. The stock is completely sound with scattered light to moderate handling marks. The Williams rear sight slide and aperture are absent but easily replaced. Johnson turned the M1 Carbine into a very effective hunting tool as opposed to being just a plinker. If you have questions please email us at This will be listed for auction on Gun Broker the evening of January 21st. Please go to the top of the page and click on the Gun Broker button to see all our listings there. 01-16-19A--19-02-06