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Lefever Thumb Pusher 10 Ga 1885 Damascus Shotgun 2 Barrel Sets Syracuse, E Grade Patent 1872 78 80

This Lefever 10 gauge shotgun was made in 1885 (SN 9452) and bears an E below the serial number on the water table (it is not an ejector gun). It features 30” Damascus barrels with full chokes and 3-1/4” chambers, thumb push opening, side plates with cocking indicators, automatic safety, light engraving and checkered walnut stocks with button release forend with horn tip inlay – all serial numbers match. It weighs 9 pounds, 11 ounces and the LOP is 14-1/8”. It comes with a second set of Damascus barrels that have been cut down to 19-1/8” and they too have 3-1/4” chambers and while the serial of the barrels and forend match each other (9618) they don’t match the frame or original barrel set. They have, however, been professionally fitted to the frame and work flawlessly with it. The barrels are evenly worn to about 30% Damascus figure showing on mostly gray patina with some brown patina and scattered ancient rust spotting while the bores are 85% mirror smooth and shiny with 15% thinly scattered light pitting and there’s a drilled and tapped hole in the rib 6” from the breech. The barrels ring beautifully. The frame matches the barrel set in complexion and the auto safety, cocking indicators, thumb push opener and triggers work perfectly while the stocks are completely sound and have very few handling marks and scratches for an arm this age. Lock-up is 100% on-face and tight as a bank vault with zero movement. The second barrel set also rings beautifully with bores that have perhaps 60% light pitting while the outside is slivered by the breech end with Damascus figure forward of that area. There’re several dings scattered about at least two of which can be seen clearly inside the bore. The forend is missing its tip inlay and the wood south of the release had degraded for about ¾” (probably from excessive use of the wrong lubricant on the latch mechanism while the rest of the wood is sound with scattered light to heavy marks. It locks-up perfectly to the fame with zero movement and is 100% on-face. A really nice old timer that would feel at home in a Robert Parker novel. An old timer that can get someone’s complete attention very quickly. If you have questions please email us at This will be listed for auction on Gun Broker the evening of January21st. Please go to the top of the page and click on the Gun Broker button to see all our listings there. 01-16-19A--19-02-09