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Japanese Type I Rifle 6.5X50SR WWII Bring Back

When Japan adapted western weapons and military structure they witlessly copied the interservice rivalry typical of western military forces to the extent that the Japanese Navy couldn’t get enough rifles because all rifle production was controlled by the Japanese Army. So they looked abroad for sources and with the signing of the Mutual Aid Pact of 1937 (wherein the Axis Powers agreed to help each other out) they placed an order with Italy for the Type I. A Carcano action was combined with the general features and layout of the Type 38. Internal five round clip fed magazine, 49-5/8” overall with 30-1/2” barrel, sights graduated to a very optimistic 2400 meters and it accepts the standard bayonet for closer work. Fit and finish was superior to the usual standard for Carcano production. From Wikipedia: Type I rifles were produced in 1938 and 1939, 40,000 manufactured by Beretta and an equal number by Italian government arsenals; the final shipment to Japan left Venice by submarine in 1941. Pretty cool! Collecting the Type I is interesting in that many near perfect specimens (sometimes unissued) were imported after the war so it was assumed that they were not used in the war at all. It turns out that many Imperial Japanese Navy troops were equipped with them and those can be found in the kind of condition expected after losing a protracted and hard-fought war under terrible conditions. These WWII G.I. bring-backs came from the dead and captured (way mostly dead) in the meat grinders of the Philippine and Marshall Islands; they gotta story to tell. This example is one with something to share if you can give it some time with whisky and a cigar. The receiver is about 50% original blue and 50% dark brown rust spotting while the barrel and rear sight area is about 20% blue with the rest medium brown oxidation and the barrel in front of the handguard is maybe 50% blue with 50% scattered oxidation spotting while the bore is a sewer (which is one of the precise grades of the Intergalactic Bore Grading Standards) but with pretty strong rifling and the stock is sound bearing the insults of war and neglect with dignity and having the typical shrink line at the junction of the two-piece butt stock. The rod beneath the barrel is only 4-7/8” long ending in fine threads and we suspect it’s not original. Some markings are present but we’re unsure regarding manufacturer. A nice old guy that took a real long trip through WWII that would take several evenings to share with you while surrounded by the smell of tobacco and whisky. If you have questions please email us at This will be listed for auction on Gun Broker the evening of December 10th. Please go to the top of the page and click on the Gun Broker button to see all our listings there. 12-07-18A--18-80-17