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Remington Model 1917 Rifle 30-06 Pre Lend Lease Canadian Marked with Red Stripe Made 1918

The U.S. Model of 1917 has always been an underappreciated rifle which is especially strange in that it has a terrific combat history not least of which is the fact that it was the rifle used by Sargent York to do his dirty work on the Germans in WWI. In WWII the Canadians bought 100,000 of them from the US in 1940-41 for mobilization and training before Lend Lease came into effect. This is one of those rifles as evidenced by the C with a broad head within on the right butt along with some struck-through numbers and letters which were probably unit markings. Another indication is the red stipe at the front of the forearm with “30-06” on both sides to differentiate it from the 303 caliber pattern 14 rifles already in service. The US 1917 was an improvement on the already very good Pattern 14 rifle made for the British forces and is an arm to be reckoned with. This example has a February 1918 barrel date with jives with the serial number production date (107953) and has mostly Remington parts (bolt, extractor & others) and some Eddystone parts, (rear sight spring, stock) though it has its original blue finish rather than the Parkerized finish normally received in refurbishment. It retains about 80% finish with most of the loss on the bottom metal and butt plate while the bore has an even, slight frosting with strong, sharp rifling and the stocks are completely sound with perhaps slightly less than the usual amount of handling marks typical of arms such as this. Fortunately; the red paint and caliber markings haven’t been removed which so frequently is the case once they’re sold on the surplus market – its historical credentials are intact. There are tiny import marks on the left side of the barrel which is further confirmation of its service with our cousins to the North. A great rifle that has fought two wars and served two countries – quite a history. If you have questions please email us at This will be listed for Gun Broker the evening of August 13th. Please go to the top of auction on the page and click on the Gun Broker button to see all our listings there. 08-01-18A--18-35-17