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Yugo M48 BO Mauser 98K Yugoslavian Rifle Matching

The M48 Yugoslavian Mauser is widely regarded as being one of the finest military Mausers ever fielded. Made sometime during the early 50’s this example is a scarce BO variant – BO standing for "Bez Oznake" which translates to "without markings” which was made for sale or as foreign aid to countries and organizations with which Yugoslavia did not want to be publicly associated. It features 23-1/4” barrel chambered for 7.92x57mm (8mm Mauser), turned-down bolt handle with flatted knob, five round fixed magazine with removable floor plate, “H” type bayonet lug, cupped butt plate, locking screws, rear sight graduated to 2000 meters, bright bolt, shroud mounted wing safety, machined bottom metal, in essence; it is a close and enhanced copy of the 98K. A post war blending and refinement of the German 98K and the Czech M24 series and the last Mauser produced by the famed Kragujevac arsenal (which has operated continually since 1853 and is known to us as Zastava Arms).
This example has all matching serial numbers (receiver, bolt, floor plate and stock) and retains about 92%. The bore is in excellent condition, smooth with strong, sharp rifling. The stock is completely sound with light to moderate handling marks typical of a military arm such as this. There’s CAI import mark on the barrel to the rear of the front sight where they mistakenly call it an M24. A superbly manufactured rifle in arguably the finest configuration of the iconic Mauser and a scarce variation to boot. If you’re going to own only one Mauser, this is the one you want because it is the final refinement of the 98k that was still made with all milled parts. If you have questions please email us at This will be listed for Gun Broker the evening of July 23rd. Please go to the top of auction on the page and click on the Gun Broker button to see all our listings there. 07-19-18A--18-35-13