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Russian Soviet 1895 Nagant Gas Seal Revolver

The Russian model 1895 gas seal revolver is an interesting pistol on many levels. Its complex mechanism affects a gas seal between the cylinder and barrel by camming the cylinder forward so that the unusual cartridge case (which extends beyond the bullet nose) bridges the gap between the 7 shot cylinder and the barrel and seals within it. (This adds about 100 FPS to the 7.62mm projectile.) The ejector rod assembly is also somewhat complex having to be unlocked, then pulled forward, rotated on the barrel and then pushed back to eject the spent shells. But the complexity doesnít end there! The coarsely checkered wood grips consist of three individually fitted pieces rather than the one or two used by the rest of the world. In spite of all this the 1895 saw an enormously long service life and probably killed more people while they were kneeling with their hands tied than any other pistol in the world. (The commies love to do that.) And, because it is the only revolver that is sealed during firing it can utilize a suppressor successfully (unlike other revolvers) Ė so it was used by the various Soviet spook outfits to whack whomever they felt like at the moment without getting that annoying ringing in their ears (probably mandated by Soviet OSHA). This example was made in 1938 and arsenal refurbished before being imported by C.A.I. The cylinder, frame and guard are all the same serial number (no other parts are numbered) and because all markings are sharp and no pitting or dings are under the blue we think this pistol was either never used or used very little before rearsonalization - it is in essentially new condition except for a patch of rust on the cylinder that was acquired just recently by improper storage (rats!). A Hawkeye bore scope revealed a perfect bore and outside of the one patch of rust noted above, all finish is present. In tests the author found (on another 1895) that if you can get past the very heavy trigger pull, itís very accurate (of course, the commies didnít need accuracy as the distance between the muzzle the back of the victimís head was usually under 12 inches). Itís heartening that several foreign ammunition manufacturers are now importing inexpensive ammo for this unusual pistol. A funky, complex and hearty pistol with an interesting albeit dark history. If you have questions please email us at This will be listed for auction on Gun Broker the evening of March 5th. Please go to the top of the page and click on the Gun Broker button to see all our listings there. 03-02-18A--18-11-03

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